Elizabeth Street Garden – A Vital New York Community Asset

Elizabeth Street Garden pic
Elizabeth Street Garden
Image: elizabethstreetgarden.org

The owner of the Elizabeth Street Gallery in New York, Allan Reiver offers customers unique objects spanning many historical eras and representing a travel-informed aesthetic. Allan Reiver has also been integrally involved in the design and preservation of the Elizabeth Street Garden, adjacent to his gallery.

The garden, an art-filled green space, was created in the 1990s from an overgrown parcel owned by the New York Department of Education . In the years since, the garden has solidified its presence and become a community fixture. Current volunteer efforts began in 2013 at an “It’s My Park Day” event held at DeSalvio Playground that brought DeSalvio municipal funding for renovations. This started neighborhood discussions about replicating those efforts with Elizabeth Street Garden.

The same year, it was made known that the garden sits on city-owned land which Mr. reiver had leased from the City for nearly 25 years and and had been transformed into a garden at his expense. The community coalesced around the idea of preserving this public green space, with Friends of Elizabeth Street Garden incorporating as a nonprofit and achieving 501(c)(3) federal tax-exempt status the following year.


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