Ways to Support Elizabeth Street Garden

Elizabeth Street Garden pic
Elizabeth Street Garden
Image: elizabethstreetgarden.org

Art gallery executive Allan Reiver serves as president of Elizabeth Street Gallery, located in a former firehouse located in NOLITA in New York City. Allan Reiver also created the Elizabeth Street Garden in i991, a garden occupying the 20,000-square-foot lot next to the art gallery.

Since 2013, Elizabeth Street Garden has relied on the contributions of volunteers from surrounding communities. Many people choose to volunteer on site, handling tasks ranging from gardening and event planning to fundraising and educational programming. Elizabeth Street Garden also encourages social media-savvy volunteers to assist with communications and outreach programs.

Outside of volunteering, community members can make tax-deductible donations to Elizabeth Street Garden. Business owners also have the option of sponsoring an event, which generates publicity for both the business and the garden. In the same vein, community organizations often host free public programming and special events.

To learn more about Elizabeth Street Garden, or to find out how to support the organization, visit elizabethstreetgarden.org.


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