Royal Doulton – Storied Maker of British Ceramics

Royal Doulton pic
Royal Doulton

As owner of the Elizabeth Street Gallery in Manhattan, Allan Reiver offers discerning customers unique and rare pieces, from antique safes to Hudson wall mirrors. One distinctive piece in Allan Reiver’s collection is a 19th-century Royal Doulton faux bois planter. A sculptural piece in the form of a tree, the planter was designed to hold herbs and strawberries.

One of England’s foremost producers of collectables and tableware, the Royal Doulton Company was founded in 1815 and quickly gained a reputation for quality in the London neighborhood The Potteries. The business grew in prominence in the 1840s, as increased awareness of health issues led to the replacement of porous London brick sewers with glazed piping systems.

In the 1870s, the firm established a new studio and teamed up with designers at local art schools to create pieces of high aesthetic quality. The company also employed a pioneering steam-driven potters’ wheel that enabled consistent and efficient production. In 1887, the head of the company, Henry Doulton, was knighted for his innovative contributions to the art of ceramic production. In 1901, the company received a Royal Warrant that led to its present name, Royal Doulton.


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