Articulated Wall

Articulated Wall pic
Articulated Wall

An experienced real estate developer and curator of unusual architectural pieces, Allan Reiver owns and oversees all aspects of the Elizabeth Street Gallery, located in New York City. Early in his career, Allan Reiver lived and worked in the Denver area, and was involved in the development of the Denver Design Center, home of the iconic sculpture, Articulated Wall.

Built in 1986 and donated to the Denver Art Museum by Mr Reiver, Articulated Wall, created by artist Herbert Bayer, is part of Denver’s Public Art Venues. This 85-foot-tall structure, illuminated in yellow, has become a landmark in the Denver area, as it can be seen from any surrounding neighborhood and also from Interstate 25, which passes through metro Denver.

Recognized as both art and icon, Articulated Wall consists of 32 equal \-sized pieces of pre-fabricated concrete, each measuring 41 feet x 5 feet, 2 inches x 2 feet, 7 inches. Two million pounds of cement were used to create the pieces, which are centered by a refueling mast originally used on an aircraft carrier.


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