Herbert Bayer’s Articulated Wall

Herbert Bayer’s Articulated Wall pic
Herbert Bayer’s Articulated Wall
Image: westword.com

Allan Reiver serves as the owner and president of New York City’s Elizabeth Street Gallery, which exhibits a range of art pieces and architectural objects. Along with his partner Robert O. Anderson, Allan Reiver previously operated the Denver, Colorado-based real estate firm Realities, Inc. While developing the Denver Design Center, the partners contacted sculptor Herbert Bayer to construct his piece Articulated Wall in front of the building.

A master of the Bauhaus movement, Herbert Bayer constructed an 85-foot design with a distinct chrome yellow hue. Articulated Wall employs a large steel mast to anchor numerous horizontal concrete bars, which stack one upon another in an offset manner. Mr. Bayer designed the sculpture so that the bars weave in and out to create undulating lines. The top bar holds the rest of the bars in place using only the force of gravity. Shortly after its construction in 1986, Articulated Wall became the property of the Denver Art Museum and earned a place within its three-dimensional outdoor sculpture collection.


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