Elizabeth Street Gallery – Coney Island Shooting Gallery

Coney Island Shooting Gallery pic
Coney Island Shooting Gallery pic
Coney Island Shooting Gallery
Image: elizabethstreetgallery.com

As the owner and president of the Elizabeth Street Gallery in New York, New York, Allan Reiver oversees the collection and display of a number of unique and intriguing pieces from around the world. Allan Reiver renovated a New York City firehouse from the 1850s to house this exceptional collection.

The Elizabeth Street Gallery features decorative pieces that have been gathered by the owner over a period of 50 years. A few of the items on display include a pair of bronze doors from 1900, 19th century French cast iron mirrors, and an original Coney Island shooting gallery.

In certain circumstances, the owner has gone to great lengths to find the unique items displayed in the gallery. After a great deal of research and hunting, the Coney Island shooting gallery was found boarded up just down the road from the Nathan’s Hot Dog shop on Stillwell Ave and hidden in back of a basketball shooting arcade.


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