The Articulated Wall – Part of Denver Art Museum’s Collection

Articulated Wall pic
Articulated Wall pic
Articulated Wall

Prior to establishing Elizabeth Street Gallery in New York City, Allan Reiver engaged in real estate development in Denver, Colorado. Allan Reiver initiated a number of projects, one of which led to the construction of the Articulated Wall, which was donated to the Denver Art Museum after its completion in 1986. The Articulated Wall is now part of the museum’s three-dimensional outdoor sculpture collection

An 85-foot-tall concrete and paint sculpture designed by Herbert Bayer, the Articulated Wall has become a major landmark in Denver. An earlier version of Bayer’s design, measuring 60 feet tall, was erected for the 1968 Mexico City Olympics.

Painted in yellow, the Denver sculpture is located at 595 South Broadway. It is a series of horizontally stacked concrete bars that are offset, thus creating an in-and-out weaving formation. A huge steel mast inside the structure serves as an armature anchoring the imposing sculpture.

Born in 1900 in Austria, Bayer enrolled at the Bauhaus in 1921 and later immigrated to the United States in 1938. He excelled in a variety of disciplines, such as photography, earthwork, architecture, city planning, painting, and sculpture. Bayer, who died in 1985, was known for his faithfulness to the Bauhaus tenets while other practitioners had long deviated from them.


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