Three Ways for New Yorkers to Support the Elizabeth Street Garden

ESG-Logo copy

Elizabeth Street Gallery owner and president Allan Reiver has housed his collection of fine objects within a renovated 1850s firehouse in the Little Italy district of New York City since the early 2000s. Adjacent to the Gallery, Allan Reiver also leases a 20,000-square-foot lot which he has transformed into a public sculpture garden to benefit residents of the neighborhood.

This sculpture garden is known to locals as the Elizabeth Street Garden – a place where members of the community can gather to experience musical performances and movie nights, practice yoga, and hold readings for children. It has become a New York City icon, but current legislation put forward by the city’s politicians is threatening its future.

Those interested in showing support for the preservation of the Elizabeth Street Garden can do so in several ways. Individuals looking to make a direct impact can easily sign up online to become a volunteer, while local businesses that want to show support should consider hosting an event within the garden itself. All supporters are encouraged to visit the garden regularly, and encourage friends and family members to do so as well.

Other means of support include donating to the garden’s fundraising drive. Every dollar donated will be matched by an anonymous patron of the garden up to $10,000. The funds are used to create things like banners and protest posters, and also to enlist the help of legal and public relations experts. Finally, interested supporters can print out Save Our Elizabeth Street Garden cards to hang in windows and bring to rallies. The card image can be downloaded from the garden’s website.


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