About Allan Reiver

Allan ReiverFormally educated in law, Allan Reiver opted to pursue his passion for historical architecture and began an extensive career in antique sales and real estate development in Denver, Colorado in the 1970’s. For nearly two decades, he oversaw the operations of Realities Inc., an antiques dealership that preserved and sold architectural antiques such as stained glass windows and brass fixtures. Allan Reiver expanded the firm from a sole proprietorship to a multi-employee real estate development company that worked to revitalize aging neighborhoods in Denver.

In 1989, Allan Reiver relocated to New York City and established Elizabeth Street Gallery. He quickly began searching for promising properties in need of renovation, selecting an industrial block in Little Italy, where he transformed what had once been a plating factory into his new residence. Allan Reiver then set to work on the 20,000-square-foot vacant lot across the street, which he repurposed into an expansive sculpture garden. In the early 2000’s, Allan Reiver acquired the 1850’s firehouse located next to the garden at 209 Elizabeth Street and soon opened Elizabeth Street’s first street-level gallery. The gallery displays fine art and historical objects from Mr. Reiver’s extensive world travels. He showcases his finds at Elizabeth Street, as well as in his upstairs residence, where he seamlessly integrates the carefully curated items into his home decor.


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